Tirtira Goyo Ethiopia
Tirtira Goyo Ethiopia
Tirtira Goyo Ethiopia
Tirtira Goyo Ethiopia

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Tirtira Goyo Ethiopia

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Cup Profile: Fruity and sweet profile of oranges, caramel & honey

Farm – Small farmers
Exporter – Hambella Flavour
Altitude – 2000 - 2350 masl
Region – Guji, Hambella, Ethiopia
Process – Natural
Variety – Heirloom

Tirtira Goyo coffee is produced at an altitude between 2000 and 2350 metres in the Guji appellation. Its name comes from the village where the drying station is located.

"Tirtira" literally means having a strong personality, being intrepid. Goyo is the name of a farmer who lived here many years ago and made his mark with his tenacity and character.The village, the drying station and now this coffee pay tribute to this old local character, Goyo, the daring farmer, who still inspires young farmers today!

The Guji appellation was during long time included in the one of Sidama. In order to better identify the quality of the coffees produced here, this name was separated a few years ago by the Ethiopian authorities who created this new appellation. Their goal was to emphasize the traceability of ethiopian coffees and to reveal more again their quality and their cupping specificities. Now, Guji appellation gives some of the best coffees in the world. In Guji, coffee is an ancient crop, cultivated within a complex forest environment. The diversity of endemic species provides optimal shade for coffee trees and improves soil fertility.

Hambella Flavor is a coffee producer and exporter based in the birthplace of coffee. Since the mid-2010s, Hambella Flavor and its founder Derartu Banata have been working with some of the finest coffees in the country. Hambella Flavor's coffee comes from its own farm, and from those of farmers near their various washing stations in the villages of Titira Goyo, Buku Sayisa, Buku Abel, Sike Bokosa and Uraga.