Sitio Santa Clara Reserve Brazil
Sitio Santa Clara Reserve Brazil
Sitio Santa Clara Reserve Brazil

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Sitio Santa Clara Reserve Brazil

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Cup Profile: Chocolaty, Nutty, well balanced and smooth with a clean silky finish.

Farm – Sitio Santa Clara
Owner – Milton Nogueira
Altitude – 1200 - 1350 masl
Region – Divinolandia, SP, Brazil
Process – Natural
Variety – Icatu

‘Hello my name is Milton!’ begins the friendliest welcome any coffee buyer visiting the FAF farms’ group experiences. A former banker with his roots deep in Divinolandia and Mococa regions, he took over his father and law’s farm in 2004 and became one of the pioneer organic farmers in the region. 

Gentle voiced and high-spirited, Milton tends to his plants with wisdom only a certain maturity and clarity can bring. In between the coffee rows one can find pineapples, corn, citrus trees, beans and other leguminous plants that bring a more balanced environment and ‘life’ to his farm. 

Milton’s coffees are the one of the highest grown organic coffees in Brazil at an altitude of 1200-1350masl. He tends to his coffee with the same attention and detail as he does to his house. Flowers mark the entrance both of his property and coffee followed by the fruits scattered around the farm and in the end there is a lingering finish of sweetness that Milton sends along to each who is lucky enough to have such an experience.