Fazenda Morro Azul Brazil
Fazenda Morro Azul Brazil
Fazenda Morro Azul Brazil

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Fazenda Morro Azul Brazil

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Cup Profile: Chocolaty, Nutty, well balanced and smooth with a clean silky finish.

Farm – Sitio Seriema
Owner – Flavio Salles
Altitude – 950 - 1050 masl
Region – Mococa, SP, Brazil
Process – Natural
Variety – Obata

Flavio Salles have committed their life's purpose toward recovery and preservation of one of the oldest farms in Mococa right on the border between Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

The farm was founded in 1840 and by 1900 Morro Azul's coffee infrastructure was already a showcase for quality coffee. Early on it was exporting its quality coffee to the European market and was even nominated to be the official coffee of the Vatican in the beginning of the 20th century.

Morro Azul has been in the same family since its founding but it was in 2001 that Flavio and Maria Lucia took over the management of the farm with core principles of sustainable management. Not only did they remodel and reconstruct the existing coffee equipment and terraces but also started to work on soil, water, and forest preservation. They started revitalizing quality coffee production while putting their efforts in the maintenance of springs and conservation of nature reserves bringing a holistic approach to the project. Morro Azul today is producing some of the highest quality coffee beans that are exported to the most demanding customers.

Equally important to Morro Azul is its international award winning Casa do Engenho Cachaça. A serious project of sugarcane production and a state of the art distillery enables Moro Azul to produce some of the finest high-end Cachaça in Brazil.

Morro Azul is one of the members of the Agua Limpa Bobolink farms, who are consciously working together to preserve the Agua Limpa river basin for the next generations.

"We look forward for your visit and hope you taste the real quality of our Coffee and Cachaça and see for yourselves our efforts to maintain the beauty of our region."