El Cerro El Salvador
El Cerro El Salvador
El Cerro El Salvador
El Cerro El Salvador
El Cerro El Salvador
El Cerro El Salvador

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El Cerro El Salvador

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Cup Profile: Sweet and Fruity ,notes of rasberry Caramel and honey

Farm – El Cerro
Producer – Fernando Escobar
Altitude – 1500 masl
Region – Apaneca, Ilamatepec, El Salvador
Process – Natural Anaerobic
Variety – Bourbon

This anaerobic microlot on the El Cerro farm is produced in the shade of trees that were there long before the farm came into existence. They ensure that the coffee trees are well nourished and that the cherries develop as well as possible.

During the harvest period, between December and February, the pickers are trained to select only fully ripe cherries.

This taste for perfection can also be found in the process, which is carried out directly on the farm. Here, an anaerobic process.For this process, Fernando 'Leto' Escobar dries the cherries in an airtight container, without water, and leaves them to ferment for several days in a darkened room, at a stable temperature of around 15°C. They are then dried for 30 to 40 days.

El Cerro is a farm located on the Apaneca llamatepec mountain range, near the town of Apaneca. The altitude of El Cerro is ideal for producing excellent speciality coffees. It has been in the family of Fernando "Leto" Escobar for 5 generations.

12 people work at El Cerro all year round. At harvest time, around thirty seasonal workers join them to pick the cherries by hand and process them at the El Cerro wetmill. 

Although the entire farm is dedicated to coffee production, it is surrounded by a dense forest with a rich biodiversity. The coffee trees grow under the shade of indigenous trees

that were there long before the farm was built. This forest provides plenty of moisture and nutrients to the soil, generating compost whose nutrients are carried to the foot of the coffee trees by the rain.

Ilamatepec is the largest coffee-producing region in El Salvador, reaching altitudes of up to 2,400 metres. It is very well known for its quality coffee. It is probably where the first coffee tree was planted. This chain of volcanoes, called the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, includes lots of craters (Ataco, Apaneca, Juayua, etc.) and one of the most active volcanoes in El Salvador, Ilamatepec, also known as Santa Ana. Many local producers have won international competitions, the best represented varieties being Bourbon (64%) and Pacas (26%).