Duni Deca Decaf Colombia
Duni Deca Decaf Colombia
Duni Deca Decaf Colombia
Duni Deca Decaf Colombia

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Duni Deca Decaf Colombia

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Cup Profile:Creamy full bodied, Notes of chocolate and brown sugar, subtle acidity

Association – "ASOANEI"
Altitude – 1400-2000 m
Region – Serrania del Perija, Colombia
Process – Fully Washed "EA" Sugar Cane Decaf
Variety – Red caturra , Typica , Castillo , Colombia

ASOANEI association was founded in 1995 by an indigenous woman, Aurora Maria Izquierdo, with the aim of using coffee as a vehicle to promote indigenous culture. ASOANEI has been producing organic coffee for 25 years and brings together more than 600 producer families belonging to 4 different indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada region, in the north of the country. The comunities are secluded and want to keep their culture and heritage protected.

ASOANEI has three collection centers in the villages of Pueblo Bello, Valledupar and Codazzi. Because of bad roads and the excessive transport price from the farms to the collection centers, it is very comom for the producers to bring their coffee by foot with the help of a mule or a horse. it can take 6h to 8h walking to get the coffees to the collection centers. from there, the coffees are transferred by truck to Santa Marta, to be milled and exported. The difficult access to the farms can be seen as a inconvenient, but to the local comunities it represents a barrier that protects their lifestyle.

70% of the association are women. In Arhuaco culture, they symbolize Mother Nature, fertility, purity and nature. A program has been set up to provide them with knowledge on new coffee growing practices to empower their role through training. Thanks to this training, they experiment new processes such as honey process. The association plays a social role by allowing producers to have access to micro credits and school aid for their children.
They also own a Biotrash factory that transforms organic waste into organic fertilizers. Organic waste often being thrown in rivers, this biotfactory and allows them to preserve the water streams and is part of a cilcular local economy.

DUNI is a varietal blend of red caturra, typica, colombia, castillo and bourbon.

This coffee is decaffeinated by Descafecol using "EA" Sugar cane process

What is EA?

Ethyl acetate (EA) as is a solvent derived from sugar cane which, used in proper conditions and in adequate amounts, is an excellent selective remover of caffeine.

Decaffeination with EA follows a 6-step process:

1. Expansion: The first stage of the process consists of exposing the bean to a steam treatment with the purpose of opening the pores and expanding the bean.
2. Removal: The bean is then immersed into EA, whereby the caffeine present in the coffee bean adheres to the liquid. This process shall be repeated 6 successive times with fresh fluid, free from caffeine.
3. Pure caffeine
4. Drying: the drying process is performed in vacuum dryers, which allows for quick and homogeneous drying.
5. Cooling: the beans are then cooled in a ventilated silo in order to lower their temperature and to keep them from continuing to lose moisture
6. Polishing